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Templates are a great way to streamline your workflow and speed up the design process. You can create a template for your blog posts and have all your articles laid down on that template, just write your content, add rich content like videos and images and you will be good to go. Templates can also be used for single product showcases, archive pages, and more. Once you create a template, save it as a template, and use it anywhere you want. All your saved templates will be saved on the Template Library or you can manage them from the back editor in WordPress. You can add, edit, and organize all your custom templates from there. 

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Templates 

Saved Templates

In your Saved Templates section will be all the templates you have created and saved, which includes Page, Section, Global Widget. 

  • Learn more about how to add, insert or import a template 
  • All your page templates are saved under the Page tab, to create our first Page Template, click on the Add a New Page button 
  • Enter the name of your page template, make sure you use recognizable names for future references, and click on the Create a Template button
  • The page builder editor will open up where you will build your Page template, add all the elements that you need, design & style them and when done, click the arrow right next to the Publish button
  • Click on Save as a template, type your templates name, and click Save 
  • The same procedure will apply if you click on the Section tab, if you haven't created any section templates, you can start creating your first one, following the steps above. 


You can create templates for popups as well. In this tab, you will have all your popups template that you created. 

Theme Builder 

In the Theme Builder tab, you will have all the templates saved for Header, Footer, Single, and Archive. 

Add New Template

An alternative way to create new templates is the Add new tab when you click on it, it will immediately open the window form which you can choose what kind of a template you want to create and type in the template's name. 


From the Categories tab, you can create new categories and manage template categories from there. Start by naming your category, type in the URL name, and choose to have a description for your category. All the create template categories will be located on the right side of the screen, from where easily delete them.

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