WooCommerce: Product Archive

Since WooCommerce gives you a basic looking display of a product and there is not much you can customize, with NeuronThemes, you will be able to manage it and design it to the full extent. You can create the most outstanding product archive pages to show off your finest products in the best display possible. The wide set of tools and high-end WooCommerce Elements will provide a great asset for WooCommerce stores. 

  1. To start creating a Product Archive Page, go to WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Add New 
  2. Select Archive from the dropdown menu, name your template and start building. 
  3. Neuron Library will offer a range of limitless possibilities to easily insert the exquisite pre-made demos, or you can design one from scratch with all the amazing tools at your disposal. 
  4. When you are done editing and designing set the Conditions as to where you want the single post template to be attributed.  
  5. Click on Publish and there you will have it. 
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