How to Create a Header with Neuron Themes

The beauty of Neuron Themes is that it will hand you all the tools at your disposal to build anything you want on your website. Headers and footers are major components of each website as they introduce and conclude your site's concept and mission. Create awe-inspiring headers to attract your visitors. 

  1. To start creating your header go to WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Theme Builder 
  2. From there you will have to select the Header tab 
  3. Click Add New and name your header template (otherwise it will generate a random name)
  4. You will then be presented with some beautiful pre-design header templates that you can easily integrate with just a click.
  5. Choose the header template you like or design one from scratch. Skip the Neuron Library and build elements on your own to comprise your header. 
  6. Design and style your header 
  7. Under the Update button, you will find an [ arrow icon ] click upon it and select Display Conditions.
  8. Set the conditions to where you want to attribute your header template and then click Publish. 
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