Page Template

Control the layout and design of your website to create coherent and aesthetically pleasing designs throughout your entire site. Design once and spread it across the website by building beautiful Page Templates that you can use to build your site. 

  1. To start creating your Single Page Template you will need to go to WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Theme Builder

  2. From There choose the Single tab on the window preview and click Add New at the top of the page.

  3. Next, in the window that will popup choose Single then choose Page from the dropdown menu

  4. Name your template and start designing.

  5. From there you will be presented with the templates option that you can choose from the amazing pre-design templates of singe post templates that our design team has crafted, choose the one you like, and insert it with a click. You can alternatively design yours from scratch.

  6. You can preview how the template will look on other pages, simply navigate to the [eye icon ], click on Settings. 

  7. Under the Preview Dynamic Content select Post

  8. Type the name for the page you want to be shown and then click on Apply and Preview.

  9. When you are done editing and designing set the Conditions as to where you want the single page template to be attributed. 

  10. Click on Publish and there you will have it. 
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