How to create a Footer with Neuron Themes

We meant when we said that each part of your website will be yours to edit, customize, and build it. This includes headers and footers too. Using the most advanced set of features you can create captivating and engaging footers to have your visitors well-informed on your business and website. Include all there is to it within your footer area and design it the way you like it. 

  1. To start building your footer you need to go to your WordPress admin page > Templates > Theme Builder 
  2. Select the Footer tab and click on Add New 
  3. Name your footer (otherwise, it generate a default name), this is particularly useful when you want to implement your template on other pages, you can find it easily within the pile of your saved templates.
  4. Click on Create Template, you will now be presented with the Neuron Library which offers a wide variety of footers that are all interchangeable, easily alterable, and flexible pieces of design that will elevate your website and give you space to add your own touch to it. 
  5. Select the template you like and click Insert, or skip the Neuron Library to start designing one from scratch. 
  6. Make the changes necessary, add elements that you feel are needed in your footer, design, and style them.
  7. After you are finished creating your footer click on Publish
  8. The Display Condition will open, set the conditions you want to attribute to your footer, and the pages you want it to be shown, and click Publish again. 
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