How to use the download button with Proofing Gallery

When creating a proofing gallery, you can attribute a download button for the client to download the images included within your gallery. You can either include the download button on each of the images to download one by one or include a heading element to bulk download them all. To include a download button simply follow these steps 

Include the download button on each image 

  1. From the page design where you are creating your proofing gallery, click on the Gallery Element to open its options
  2. Click on the Image Details options 
  3. Choose Download from the list 

  4. This will have the download button attributed for every image you've included in your library 
  5. Your clients can easily download the images they fancy with a single button click. 
  6. From the Style Tab, you can stylize and design the download button as per your desire.

  7. You can choose a color for the download button
  8. Select a size as well as arrange its position both horizontally and vertically. 

Include the download button for bulk downoad

  1. From the page design where you are creating your proofing gallery, after you are done designing it, search for the Heading Element and drag it onto the page. 
  2. Configure the title of the heading to be Download. 
  3. In the link description, place the URL of the download zip file. This way, whenever the user clicks on the download button, the file will immediately start the downloading process.

  4. You can set the size of the button as well as assign the HTML tag
  5. From the Style tab, you can design it as per your desire. 
  6. From the Advanced tab, assign the Z-index to be 1. 
  7. Select the Positioning option and choose Inline from the dropdown menu.
  8. Click on the columns handle to open the options and from Horizontal Align choose End in the dropdown menu. 
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