How to set up a Proofing Gallery for Client Proofing

If you are a professional photographer who makes a living out of selling your work online, a proofing gallery is of the essence. This is why we have included this feature on the list to provide all the flexibility and practicality to our Neuron users who use any of our stunning photography WordPress themes. You will be able to create a gallery of images included and have your clients either approve or reject them. 

How to set up a Proofing Gallery?

  1. First off, you will need to create a new page in WordPress
  2. Name the page, it can be something like Proofing Gallery. From Visibility set it to Private. 
  3. Click on Update and then click on Edit with Elementor. 
  4. You can create a default design for your proofing galleries to look more professional. Some of our demo websites have custom pre-made proofing gallery pages that you can use. 
  5. From the left panel, search for the Gallery element and drag it onto the page. From the Content tab, select the Type to be Proofing. 

  6. Select all the images you want to show to your clients.
  7. On the Media Uploader, spot the Proofing Option and select either Approved or Rejected. For starters you can assign all the images to be rejected, the client can then either approve or reject them properly. 

  8. You can configure the gallery settings, choose the preferred layout, and more. 
  9. From the Image Details section, you can choose what details to include and make sure you select proofing, as this will allow your clients to either approve or reject the items. Besides proofing, you can also the title, caption, description, and the download button. 

  10. From the Style tab, it's up to you to design and stylize the gallery as per your desire.
  11. Click on Publish, and you will have created your own proofing gallery, that also radiates beauty and elegance. 

Create a user account for your clients

  1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on Users
  2. At the top of the screen, click on the Add New button 

  3. Type in the username and the email address for the new users, the website, first name, and last name fields are optional
  4. Create a secure password for the new user, either chose one of your own or choose to have WordPress generate one for you. 
  5. Select a role for the new user. By default the Administrator role is set on, this means your client will have access to all the features on your website. Since you only want them to approve or reject your gallery, you can assign them as a Subscriber, this role is assigned to somebody who can only manage their profile. 

  6. Click on Add New User and you are done. 
  7. Now simply hand your clients the username and password for them to log in to your website and send them the URL for the proofing gallery. They will be able to easily and seamlessly approve or reject the items you've included. 
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