How to Add a New Page

  1. To Add a New Page with Neuron Themes, you start off in the WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New 
  2. Click on Edit with Elementor 

  3. Click on the [plus icon] and select your structure. You can start off first with a simple one since you can always add more columns along the way. 

  4. Choose the elements you will be used to display your content, search on the left panel, drag and drop it into the working sheet. We will set an example of an Image element and a Text Editor Element. 

  5. You can edit Sections, Columns, and Widgets by right-clicking on their handle. You can Edit, Duplicate, Copy, or more. 
  6. You can also set the width of each element, if you right-click on the column handle, and set the value to Column Width (%) in percentage, or click on the edge of the column and drag it along to see which width fits you best.

  7. Design your content the way you want it to be, using the tons of settings on the left panel.
  8. When you feel like it is ready to be published, click on the Publish button and let your users enjoy your content. 
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