How to Add Quick View

Quick View or also known as Quick Look is an eCommerce feature that allows customers to view the details of a certain product without having to refresh the page or leaving the page. 

How to Create Quick View for your Products 

  1. As you are creating your WooCommerce Products page and designing it
  2. Search for the Products Element and drag it onto the page 
  3. You can design the layout as per your desire to create a beautiful products page
  4. Click on the Products Element's handle to open the options
  5. Scroll down and locate the Quick View option and switch the handle ON 
  6. You can choose an icon from the Icon Library or add your own SVG icon

  7. This will show an eye icon every time a user hovers over any of your product
  8. When they click on the icon, a lightbox will appear containing all the information on the product 
  9. From the Style tab, go to the Quick View section and design the icon as per your needs. Tweak its size, color, position, and more. 
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