Icon Library

Icon Library will give you access to more than 1,500 Font Awesome 5 icons that can be used for every occasion. The icons are compiled in a single organized interface that allows you to manage and choose them based on your needs. 

To open the Icon Library you must click on the button that appears on every element that supports icon integration and has icon controls. 

Click on the Icon Library button to open the window where all the Font Awesome icons are being stored and you can choose from them. 

  1. You can filter the icon by name, (e.g type the name of the icon in the search bar)
  2. Or you can search for them via their family collection by Font Awesome Regular, Solid and Bold, which can be found on the left side of the library

Font Awesome Pro 

If you are working on the Pro version of Font Awesome, you can have access to all the icons directly from the library. To sync Font Awesome Pro and your Neuron Theme.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Kaon > Settings 
  2. Select the Integration tab 
  3. Scroll Down until you locate Font Awesome 
  4. In the designated field, type in your Kit ID 
  5. Next, find an element that has icon controls
  6. Open the Icon Library 
  7. Choose from your collection of Font Awesome Pro icons. 

Note: The Icon Library will work upon great performance due to the fact that only the CSS and fonts of the icon family you use are actually loaded.

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