How to add a Wishlist

A wishlist is an outstanding eCommerce feature that allows customers to create their own collection of items they wish to purchase in the future. Wishlists are an effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment as they remind customers of their own preferred products. Wishlists signify a client's interest in a certain product without the intention of immediately buying it due to various reasons. 

How to Create a Wishlist in WordPress?

To create a Wishlist for your online store with NeuronThemes 

  1. From the WordPress dashboard install and activate the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin.
  2. Start to create your Wishlist page, you begin adding it just like your add a regular page in WordPress
  3. If you go to WP Dashboard > Pages, you will see that the plugin has created a Wishlist page that you can only edit with the WordPress editor
  4. For more flexibility, use the YITH Wishlist Element, simply click on Edit with Elementor
  5. Edit and design the page as per your desire, add the preferred elements, and stylize them to match your design

  6. From the left panel search for the YITH Wishlist Element and drag it onto the page 
  7. You can select the pagination display or the number of items shown per page 
  8. Add padding or margin values, a border, and more from the Advanced Tab 
  9. You can edit the Wishlist title, simply click on the pen icon and add your own custom name to it 

How to add the Wishlist button to your products 

  1. As you are creating your WooCommerce Products page using the powerful tools of Neuron Builder
  2. Search for the Products Element and drag it onto the page
  3. You can tweak the options necessary such as the layout, the columns, images, and more
  4. From the left panel switch the Wishlist option ON 

  5. You will see the "Heart" icon indicating that clients can add their preferred products to their wishlist
  6. From the Style Tab, locate the Wishlist section
  7. You can design and stylize the wishlist icon, change its size, position, color, background color, and more. 
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