Getting Started: How to use Neuron Themes

Learning the basics with Neuron Themes will prove to you that there is nothing to be feared about. You will master all the theme's core features throughout our extensive documentation and insightful tutorials. This article will display how you can start with Neuron Themes to build your website and expedite your workflow. To build your pages and ultimately your website Neuron Themes has integrated the Elementor Page Builder and Neuron Builder plugin as a Neuron Themes Creation both of which help fill your pages and your website with functionality.  

What is the Neuron Builder Plugin 

Neuron Themes wants to provide its users with the best tools and elements on the market, and that is why we created Neuron Builder to help you build each part of your website with ease and creativity. The Neuron Builder is a core plugin of each theme created by us, it helps pack your site with high-end functionality and beautiful element design. 

You can customize and build each component on your websites like the header, footer, sidebar, and more. Paired with Elementor's drag and drop functionality you are guaranteed to have an amazing experience crafting your website, and that's how building sites should be, a fun and creative adventure. To get you running on Neuron Builder all you need to do is activate the plugin from your Dashboard as it is a required plugin. 

All the themes proceeding Kaon, have ingrained the powers of Neuron Builder to craft and design the most robust and beautiful websites of any niche. To make a distinction, the themes before Kaon have integrated Neuron Core, a powerful plugin that adds options and custom functionalities to the theme. Neuron Core is included directly on the theme at the location [for example] bifrost > includes > plugins, you can install it anytime at Appearance > Install > Plugins. For all our Neuron themes especially those that are made via the Neuron Builder, we don't have custom theme options that usually can be found at Appearance > Customize. We don't have these options because our theme can be completely managed from Elementor. If you wish to assign a header to your site, with Neuron Core in this case, you must create the template and then go to Appearance > Customize to assign it on your website. But with Neuron Builder you can simply assign it from Elementor Template Display Conditions, and so on. The entire documentation is based on the capabilities of Neuron Builder. All the features included in this documentation are attributed to the powers of Neuron Builder. 

How to add your first page with Neuron Themes 

When you first are introduced to WordPress, since this is new territory to most of you, navigating through it might seem rather difficult. ut that shouldn't be the case, to add your first page you will need your WordPress Dashboard since all the major settings are located there, you will find the Page option on the left side panel, hover over it and you will see the Add New Page options in the dropdown menu. Once you have clicked on the Add New options it will land you to the WordPress default editor, like shown in the image below. 

How to build your first page 

Adding a new page is a piece of cake, now you will have to pick and add elements to your page to complete it. On the default WordPress editor, you can tye your page title and click on the Edit With Elementor button, to land you to the page builder. The skeleton of Elementor works with sections, columns, and widgets. Sections being the largest container that will house the columns and the widgets. Columns sit inside the Sections and used to be the landing point for Widgets. Widgets are the last on the blockchain, they are used like content elements that make up your website. You can learn more about how to build your first page in this article. 

Add your first post 

Adding a new post to your website is as simple as adding a new page, all you need is good content. You will need to head over to the WordPress Dashboard and under Posts - located on the left panel - click on Add New Post. Go ahead type your title, click on Edit with Elementor and start building your content and adding valuable pieces like headings, paragraphs, images, videos, or whatever is necessary for your post. You can also see a detailed article on how to add your first post. 

Use Templates to speed your workflow and enrich our website 

For all those who are seeking for inspiration, or simply a guiding point for your website, templates are gifts sent from heaven, Neuron Themes comes with hundreds of exceptional pre-made templates and blocks that will cultivate your website with elements in no time. To open the gates of templates, click on the plus icon to add a section and then click on the folder icon to open the Template Library, use the magnifying glass icon to preview how they look and if they seem fit to you, just click on Insert, the template will be imported before you get to close your eyes. More on templates in this article

Customize Sections, Rows, and Widgets 

Once you get the hang of the basic parts when building websites with Neuron Themes, you will need to adjust and customize them accordingly. To open the customize options on the left panel for Sections, Rows, and Widgets you will need to click on their handle, and when clicking it will open the options of each to make adjustments needed. And each of the components has its options divided into three tabs. For Sections and Rows, you ill have the Layout Tba, the Style tab, and the Advanced tab. Whereas for Widgets, you will have the Content tab, the Style tab, and the Advanced tab. Each tab makes it possible to access and adjusts the large set of tools and settings, quick and easy. Check for more on Section Overview and Columns Overview

Preview and hit Publish when you are done 

Being done with your masterpiece, you are now ready to preview how your page will look to your uses, and if you are satisfied with the result you can Publish it for everyone to see it. You will see the green Publish button loud and clear at the button of the page, once you click on it your page will be published, the preview icon is on the right side of the Publish button. Click on it to see how your page would look to your visitors.

But if you feel like your page needs more work before you get it out on the public there are two ways you can save it without it being published. You can either change it's visibility if you go back to the WordPress editor and from there set it to Private. 

Or you can save your creation as a draft, in the page builder. On the Publish button, you have a small arrow icon that will open the Save option, click on the icon and you will see the Save as Draft or Save as Template options. Click on Save as Draft, and any time you want to go back and edit it, you can go to WP Dashboard, Pages, All Pages and click on the draft you are working on. 

Adjust your page to be responsive 

Responsiveness is a must on a website, never forget to check how your pages will look on different devices and make changes accordingly. You can click on the Responsive Mode icon at the bottom of the page and test responsiveness on your page if the layout doesn't suit the device try changing the sizes or placement to make it work for every device. For more detailed instructions you can check the Responsive Mode article

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