Add Templates

Templates are pre-designed and ready-to-go Pages and Blocks that can be inserted into your page and with just a few minor changes you can create a complete page in minutes. It helps speed up the process and gives you inspiration as a starting point where you add your content, projects, products, or anything you are creating. 

  1. To open the Template Library you must click on the [plus icon] where you usually add Sections, and when that is done you click on the little folder icon on the right, it will open you the library of thousands of exquisite pre-made templates.
  2. You can view all the Templates, Blocks, and Saved Templated from the tabs on top of the Library window
  3. You can search by your preferred category or you can filter them by New, Trend or Popular
  4. To save a pre-made Template or a Block for later you can click on the [heart icon] below the preview and it will be saved as My Favorites list. 
  5. To view a Template or a Block, you can click on the magnifying glass icon and examine if it fits you. 
  6. To insert a Template or a Block click on the Insert button to have it instantly added to your page. 
  7. To Import a Template or a Block, click on the [arrow icon] at the top left corner of the window
  8. To sync your Template Library with our latest pre-design Templates and Blocks click on the [syncs icon], as they are usually uploaded automatically, just in case you don't miss out on the latest designs due to irrelevant issues. 
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