How to do Automatic Theme Update

You should update your Neuron Theme anytime is released, it will ensure you run a better code than the other and get access to new features that come along with each update. It is a delicate process that needs special precautions that is why we created the General Update article to help you through the pre-update process. Be sure to check it out before you proceed with the update it holds valuable information regarding the process. In this documentation, we are going to cover the automatic update method and theme update via the Dashboard method.

Automatic Update Method

Before you proceed with this update it is important that you do a full backup of your website to make sure you can have your site back if anything unexpected happens, check the server requirements to see if the values meet at least the minimum parameters for the update to take place. If you have completed these vital steps then you can freely continue to update your theme via the automatic method.

  1. The first step would be to register your theme via the purchase code. 
  2. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Update  
  3. Scroll down to the Themes section where you will see the notification for the theme update and if you don't see any update notification, click on the Check Again box. 
  4. Tick the boxes next to the Theme Update to proceed with the process and click Update Theme

  5. Once you click the Update button you will have to wait until it is completed. That may vary depending on your hosting server. 
  6. Always make sure to update the required plugins. 

Update the required plugins

Required plugins come with their updated version as well so it is important to complete such a process as well 

  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance
  2. Then from the left panel choose Install Plugins this is where your bundled plugins reside 
  3. If an updated version has been released to the plugin then you can see the Update button below the plugin.
  4. Click on Update and the update process will begin, wait until it is completed
  5. Click on the Back button and see the plugin is updated. 
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