How to Install Neuron Themes via FTP

There are two ways how you can install Neuron Themes, either via WordPress or via FTP. The latter one requires a more complex approach, but we will cover all steps one-by-one to make sure you complete the process accordingly. FTP is an abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol and it is often used to upload themes or plugins manually for WordPress troubleshooting or fix common WordPress errors. First, you will need to download theme files, then proceed with the manual installation.

Download the Theme

  1. Go to Theme Forest and login to your account and navigate to Downloads
  2. Once you locate the Download button, click on it and find the Neuron Theme that you purchased
  3. After you click on the theme you will be directed to download the files, from your purchase, and here if it's your first time installing the theme, then click on Download all Files, if you have downloaded it at least once then go with the second option Installable WordPress Only.
  4. If you have downloaded all the files, extract the .zip file into a folder. Name the folder something you can remember because you are going to need it during the installation. If you went with the second option, Installable WordPress Only, this step won't be necessary

Install the Theme Manually via FTP 

To install the theme manually you will first need to download and install an FTP Client, you can use FileZilla or WinSCP.
  1. You will need to create an FTP software and connect it with your website by using your FTP login credentials. You can find your FTP login credentials on the email your hosting provider sends your after you sign up for hosting or you can find them in your hosting account’s cPanel dashboard. In case you can not find them contact your hosting provider for this information.
  2. Unzip only the theme file from your previous download, you have downloaded all your files locate the theme file. If you have clicked on the Installable WordPress Only then unzip that file you have downloaded.
  3. Then you need to go to your FTP client-server and locate the /wp-content > themes folder where you will have all the files for your installed themes.
  4. Select the unzipped file from your computer and upload it to the designated folder, make sure it is the right folder.
  5. After this it gets simple. go to your WordPress Dashboard to activate the theme Appearance > Themes and you will see the theme you installed manually appeared on the dashboard, click on the Activate button 
  6. Install the required plugins manually easily from the Dashboard
  7. Once you have activated the theme you will be ready to start customizing your theme to give it the look and content you want it.
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