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You can manage and categorize your products from the backend and always present a visually striking display of your products. For this job, it can be helpful to categorize or subcategorize your products so that you can easily manage them, but also for the user to find their way around your products much easier. Let's start with product categories

How to add Product Categories to your WooCommerce online store? 

You can manage all your categories from Products > Categories on the WordPress Dashboard. You can add a new category by adding the below information

  1. Name - Here type in the name of your category 
  2. Slug - Type in the URL for your product category to improve your permalinks
  3. Parent Category - Decide whether this category will be the main category or will fall under another parent category 
  4. Description - Here you can type in the description for your category 
  5. Display Type - Here you can decide what will be shown on the landing page of the category. You can choose from Products, Subcategories, or both. 
  6. Upload Image - You can upload an image that represents your category 
  7. On the left side of the screen, you will find all the categories you create. You can order them with a drag and drop interface and place them in the desired order. 
  8. We must note that since the update of WordPress 3.3, there will always be a default category named Uncategorized, and unless you create and assign your products to your custom categories all the products will be stored in that default WordPress category. However, you can edit the default WordPress category and name it as per your desire. 
  9. Hover over a category and you will see a few other settings appearing under the title, like Edit, Quick Edit, Delete, View, and Make Default. 
  10. When you add a product Products > Add New, on the left side of the screen you will see the categories section, from where you can select from the categories provided. 
  11. Another alternative way to add categories can be if you navigate to Products > Add New and then click on the Add New Product Category. 

  12. To add your product categories on your website, you can do that using the Product Categories Element that will dynamically display all the categories you and you can easily customize and design all the categories as per your desire. 

How to add tags to your WooCommerce online store?

Tags are another method to organize your products and gather them around a specific related term, from where your users and clients can easily find products related to a specific subject. The distinction between categories is that tags are not hierarchical. To add tags for your products 

  1.  From the WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Products > Add New and then click on Product Tags

  2. Type in the preferred tag for the product, existing tags will be suggested or you can create new ones. 

  3. Separate tags with a comma, and when done click on the Add button next to the tags box 

How to add and edit product attributes on your WooCommerce online store?

Besides the categories and tags, another third option to filter your products and organize them for your customers is by using attributes. A highly organized online store will allow their customers to find the products much easier, like filtering products by their attribute based on color, size, price, you name it. To add product attributes for your WooCommerce online store 

  1. Go to Products > Attributes
  2. Name - Here type in the name of the attribute
  3. Slug - Type in the slug for the attribute
  4. Enable Archives - By ticking this option you will allow being shown a page with all the products that are assigned this attribute
  5. Default Sort Order - You can order products with this attribute either by Name, Name (numeric), Term ID, or Custom ordering. The Name order will sort items alphabetically, and Name (numeric) sorts items based on a numerical value 
  6. Click on Add Attribute to add it to the list 
  7. On the left screen, you will see all the attributes you add, and when you hover over any attribute you will see more settings appear to Edit or Delete the Attribute. Also, see the Configure Terms option, this will allow you to add the value for the attribute, whether that be text or numerical. There you will need to add the name of the attribute, slug as well as the description.

How to add global attributes in WooCommerce?

  1. To add global attributes in WooCommerce from the WordPress Dashboard > Products > Add New
  2. Locate the Product Data Tab and click on > Attributes 
  3. From the dropdown menu select one of the attributes you created 
  4. Click on Save Attribute 

Add a custom attribute

  1. To add a custom attribute follow the same steps above.
  2. Select the Add Custom Attribute option and click on the Add button next to the box
  3. From that screen, you can add the previous terms and values you've created to that global attribute
  4. When done, click on the Save Attribute button. 
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