Hotkeys will make your life easier by increasing the speed flow of your work. You will be able to access various settings and make changes in seconds using keyboard shortcuts. You are prone to a number of hotkeys used to boost your design. To access the hotkeys simply click Cmd/Ctrl + ? Cmd/Ctrl + on your keyboard. 

To Undo and action use Ctrl / Cmd + Z
To Redo and Action use  Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + Z
To copy a Section, Column, or Element use Ctrl / Cmd + C
To paste a Section, Column, or Element use  Ctrl / Cmd + V
To delete a Section, Column, or Element use  Delete
To duplicate a Section, Column, or Element use Ctrl / Cmd +D
To save your page to the Revision use Ctrl / Cmd + S
To open the Finder use  Ctrl / Cmd + E
To switch between the preview and pane use Ctrl / Cmd + P
To switch between devices for responsive editing use Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + M
To open the History tab use  Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + H
To open the Navigator use  Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + I
To open the Template Library use  Ctrl / Cmd + Shift +
To open the Keyboard Shortcuts use  Ctrl / Cmd + ? 
To quit the page use  Esc
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