Advanced Tab

These settings will be available to you on each section, column, or element. Note that not all these options will be available to each component. 


  1. Margins- Margin adds spacing outside the element borders.
  2. Padding - Padding adds spacing inside the element borders.
  3. Z Index - This property allows you to precisely place elements on your page in a stack order of elements
  4. CSS ID - You set CSS ID for your section, a customs selector which can find many uses
  5. CSS Classes - Add your custom CSS class with a specific class attribute

Motion Effects 

  1. Scrolling Effect - Enable the scrolling effect, choose from the list of scrolling animations, and adjust their proper settings 
  2. Mouse Effect - Enable the mouse effect so that the widget moves in coordination with mouse movements Track the Mouse or 3D Tilt 
  3. Entrance Animations - Choose entrance animation for your elements from the drop-down list of animations provided. Change animation duration and delay to provide to give your widgets and columns movements.


  1. Choose the background to be Normal or Hover
  2. Have the background to be Classic where you create a one-color background or add an image or either Gradient to have two colors blended together. 


  1. Choose a Border to be Normal or Hover 
  2. Decide to have a Border Type: Solid, Double, Dotted, Dashed or Groove 
  3. Set the Border Radius 
  4. And add Box Shadow for the column 


  1. Choose the column's width, it can be Default, Full Width, Inline, or Custom 
  2. Set the Positioning > Absolutchoose the Horizontal and Vertical Orientation either Left or Right and slide the Offset handler for both Vertical and Horizontal Orientation. 
  3. Set the Positioning > Fixed, choose the Horizontal and Vertical Orientation either Left or Right and slide the Offset handler for both Vertical and Horizontal Orientation. Or you can even grab the widget and drag it across the working page to set it to a preferred place. 


  1. Reverse Columns on Tablet - When viewed on Tablets the columns will change position 
  2. Reverse Columns on Mobile - When on Mobile view the columns will be positioned vertically to adapt to screen size
  3. Visibility - Choose the column to Hide on Desktop, Tablets, or Mobiles. These will take effect when on Live View or Preview Mode 


  1. Set Custom Attributes for the wrapper element. These attributes must be each written in a separate line. 

Custom CSS

  1. Add your own Custom CSS to the editor field below. 
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