Revision History, Undo and Redo

When you start designing your website, it will flame a lot of creativity and imagination, you would want to try out all the cool elements Neuron Theme offers. But while exploring various settings you will want a way back to previous designs if something doesn't turn out to be the way you imagined, For this purpose, the History setting was created. You will be able to go back in time and revert to the previous designs you made. 

To open the History click on the [history icon] at the bottom of the left panel. 


The Action tab will contain every action you make during one session of designing. You can revert to previous changes easy by clicking on the change section and it will go back to being what it used to in that particular time. Like deleting or ignoring the changes you made after. 

In the Action tab, you will have all the actions you made alongside the name of the element and the type of change you made. This tab only contains adjustments made during one cycle of actions, if you save the changes and come back tomorrow to work more on your page/website, the action will not be saved. You will find the in the Revision tab 


The Revision tab will allow you to save your previous versions of your works, store them, and access them at any time. Every time you Update the page a revision will be created. You will be able to revert back in this revision when clicking on Apply to set it. If you wish to return t your current state of design, click on Discard.

Revisions will be collected by their date, time, and their creator. 

Redo and Undo options 

Redo and Undo options are lifesavers, you accidentally deleted a beautifully crafted widget, o worries undo the mistake. To Undo an action you can use  CTRL-Z or CMD-Z keyboard shortcut.

To Redo your last action use  CTRL-SHIFT-Z or CMD-SHIFT-Z 

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