The Navigator us a useful tool that helps you gain easy access to all the elements on the page you are working on. It is exceptionally useful when working on a complex and multi-layered design to drag and edit elements quickly and easily. 

How to open the Navigator 

  1. You can open the Navigator via the [navigator icon] at the bottom of the left panel
  2. Use hotkeys - To open the Navigator click on the Cmd  + I or Ctrl + I use the keyboard shortcut
  3. Right-click on any element to open the Navigator 

How to use the Navigator

  1. Click on any element in the Navigator and it will give you quick access to edit them 
  2. Organize and arrange elements within the page, you can simply drag elements from the navigator and place them to a preferred place. Changes will be made instantly as the element will move up or down depending on the action made 

  3. You can edit, duplicate, and even delete elements from the Navigator using the right-click on a certain element. The drop-down menu will appear as if you used the sections', column's, or elements' handle. 
  4. You can rename all your sections, columns, and elements if you double click on the certain element/column/section and name them for better navigation throughout multi-layered websites.

  5. Choose to hide elements/columns/section. Hover over the element you want hidden and you will see a small [eye icon] on the right side, click upon it and the section/column/element will not be shown. To make it reappear click again on the same icon. 

  6. Move freely and position the Navigator throughout the page for easy access and less distraction. You can even place it to take over the right dock of your working sheet, like the left options panel. 

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