Finder is a search bar that opens when you trigger hotkeys or directly via the panel, which will allow you to switch from page to page with ease. You can have access to all parts of your website with just a click. 

How to open the Finder 

  1. Using hotkeys - Press CMD + E or CTRL + E to open the Finder 
  2. Press the hamburger icon on the left panel, scroll down to Finder 

How to use the Finder

  1. The Finder will allow you to reach various parts on your website with just one click, to open a new post or template or a new page, no need to go back and forth, just open the Finder using the hotkeys CMD + E  or via the left panel. Once you have opened the finder, type new and the options will appear in the dropdown menu. You can search for a Page, Template, or even Products. 
  2. Navigate to other parts, or other pages on your website via the Finder, type in the name of the page or post you wish to access, the auto research will help you find available options, click on the desired location and you will be directed there.
  3. Apart from that, you can also access the WordPress Dashboard, Maintenace Mode, the General Settings, Advanced, or your Homepage. 
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