How to delete a Widget

Mistakes happen, but with Neuron Themes it is easy to revert back at a certain point in your creation or remove certain widgets. You can delete a widget via the Navigator or by using the widget's handle. 

Delete a Widget via Navigator

  1. To delete a widget from the Navigator, you must first open it, you can do that by clicking on the [navigator icon] 
  2. Locate the widget you want to be deleted in the navigator
  3. Once you have found it, right-click on the widget that you want to be deleted.
  4. Choose Delete from the options and that should be it. 

Delete a Widget by its Handle

  1. Locate the widget you want to be deleted, right-click on the handle 
  2. Click on Delete, and the widget will be removed

    Note: One alternative way to remove a widget or any changes you made, can be using the History feature, click on the [history icon], and from there it will open all the changes you made throughout your session, click on a certain action and it will revert you back with all other changes removed.

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