Child Theme

A child theme is a theme that inherits the styling and functionality of the parent theme. It is convenient to use child themes due to their flexibility, you can add custom CSS, you can modify your template files, or insert custom PHP functions or hooks. All this and keeping the parent theme intact. It is particularly important to keep making changes in the child theme rather than the parent theme due to the fact that child themes preserve all modifications and code changes even after theme update. 

How to Install the Child Theme 

Installing the child theme for any of Neuron Themes is simple as installing the theme itself. Alongside with your Neuron Theme package, you will have included the child theme within when you download your theme files from Theme Forest. Before you start making changes and customization, it is advisable to have your child theme installed. To do that you must:

  1. Go to Theme Forest and login to your account and navigate to Downloads
  2. Once you locate the Download button, click on it and find the Neuron Theme that you purchased
  3. After you click on the theme you will be directed to download the files, from your purchase, and here if it's your first time installing the theme, then click on Download all Files & Documentations
  4. When you download all the files, you will need to extract the child file 
  5. You proceed to install the theme just like you would with the parent theme. Of course, you will need to have the parent theme installed before you integrate the child theme. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes
  6. Click on Add New theme and then click on Upload, to upload the child theme from your files
  7. Click on Choose File, select the file you just extracted, and upload it. 
  8. Wait for a few minutes until its installation is completed, once done click on Activate to be working on the child theme. 
  9. You can also upload the child theme via FTP just like you install Neuron Themes via FTP 

Actions and Filters

If you wish to make changes to the theme or modifying theme functions the safest way around is by using actions and filters. Just a simple explanation, actions, and filters are created to allow intervention into the specific functionality theme, thus enabling changes to the child theme. 

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