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It is important to maintain a coherent website. First impressions matter in the web world, visitors will most likely click on that x button if they see something they don't like. To avoid such misfortune, you have to set your front page into something that will serve your site's purpose. By default WordPress sets your latest posts as your front page, you might want to create a home page to set it s the first page your visitors will see. 

  1. To change your FrontPage, go to WordPress Dashboard >  Settings > Reading 
  2. From these settings, you can set your FrontPage to be Your Lastest Post or a Static Page. If you click on a Static Page, you will have all the pages you created and you can choose from them. You can create a homepage specifically to serve as your FrontPage, you can add all elements that you deem suited. 
  3. Blog pages show at most - In this setting, you can set the number of posts that will be shown per page or per site. By default, it is set to 10, but you can increase or decrease the number easily.
  4. Syndication feeds show the most recent - you can set how many blog posts will be sent at once via your RSS feed. 
  5. For each post in a feed - you can set this setting to be Full Text or Summary. If you choose Full Test then for each post, the entire content will be included. If you choose Summary, it will display only the first 55 words from the content and an extension to read the rest of the content. 
  6. Search Engine Visibility - If you enable this setting, it advises search engines not to crawl your content. Although this option can not force Google or other search engines not to search your website. 
  7. After you have set all the proper settings, click on Save Changes for your changes to take place and be saved in the database. 
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