My License is not being properly activated with NeuronThemes?

After you purchase any of our Neuron themes, you will have included all the most advanced set of features to build powerful and beautiful websites. The first step after theme installation is to register and activate the license. Registering the theme means first of all access to all the plugins Neuron theme comes bundled with, you have leading plugins like Elementor and Slider Revolution. 

You will need to place the Envato token key to unlock automatic updates, access to support, and all the extensions. If your license key is not being activated properly this only means you have not followed all the steps correctly. 

We use some functions which connect directly with Envato API to see if the user made the purchase or not, but soon enough you will be able to activate the license directly from your dashboard, as our team is working to make this happen, until then please make sure you've correctly applied all these steps. 
Click on this link to get your Envato API token key. Name your token, and this is where most users make the mistake. The reason why it didn't work is that other permissions were chosen as well, there should be only 3 permissions selected and no others. Please choose them carefully. 
  1. View and search Envato sites 
  2. Download your purchased items 
  3. List purchases you've made

Also, make sure you agree to the terms and conditions and click on Create Token. Copy the code and paste it onto the designated field from WP Dashboard > Neuron > License. Click on Save Changes and start building your website with NeuronThemes. 

Your license will be activated if you simply precisely follow the steps above. Even in cases when you don't see a success message, you can check it if your click on Neuron > Demo Import from the WordPress dashboard. If you are able to see the demo websites or homepages included with our themes, that means the license has been activated and you can easily import any of the demo websites/homepages or start building your website from scratch. 

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