Scrolling Text Element

The Scrolling text Element will be a strong design asset to present on your site. You can set a text that will be infinitely scrolling horizontally on the page, thus providing dynamicity and movement to your website. 

Content Tab 


  1. Title - Set the title for the Scrolling Text 
  2. Link - You can link the text to your pages by providing the URL 
  3. Size - Set a size for the text to either be Default, Small, Medium, Large, XL, or XXL 
  4. HTML Tag - Set the HTML tag for the title 
  5. Alignment - Set the alignment for the scrolling text either Left, Center, Right, or Justified 


  1. Text Repeat - Set the number of times the text will be repeated 
  2. Scrolling Duration - Set the duration of the scrolling text in seconds
  3. Text Ident - Set the space between the repeated text 

Style Tab 


  1. Text Color - Set the color for the scrolling text 
  2. Typography - Set the typography options for the scrolling text 
  3. Text Shadow - Choose to add shadow to the scrolling text and tweak the respective settings 
  4. Blend Mode - Choose a blend mode for when you add shadow to your text 

Set the settings for the Advanced Tab that is appropriate for the element.   

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