Dynamic - Site

Dynamic Content can be drawn from the website, or from the current pages. Any element that displays this [dynamic barrel icon] will be capable of pulling content dynamically. Dynamic tags will be available fo their respective content fields. Site tags can be set for

  1. Page Title - This dynamic tag will display the title of the current page 
  2. Site Tagline - This will display the tagline of your website 
  3. Site Title - This shows the title of your website 
  4. Current Date Time - This will display the current date and time 
  5. Request Parameter - This will help you obtain information via the GET, POST, or Query Var request. 
  6. Shortcode - This tag will help you use shortcodes to create dynamic content when it's missing 
  7. User Info - Choose to display user info such as ID, display name, username, first name, last name, bio, email, website, or user meta. 
  8. Site URL - The URL of your website 
  9. Internal URL - This tag will display an internal URL for your website, either from Taxonomy, Content, Media, or Author. 
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