Dynamic Contact URL

There is so much you can do with the amazing dynamic features. Dynamic Contact URL is one of the tools that allows you to create intelligent links for any elements that can be linked to. 

You can create an email link with prefilled subject and body, a phone call directly once the element has been clicked, and SMS message service, a WhatsApp direct conversation linker, a Skype direct call, a Messenger conversation, a Viber direct call, or navigate with Waze. Each of the actions can be created when linked to their respective settings. Let's see how. 

  1. Drag an element that has a link field, let's say a Button. 
  2. Click on the [dynamic barrel icon] to open the dynamic options
  3. From Actions, choose Contact URL 
  4. Select the type of contact you want your users to be directed to, either Email, Tel, SMS, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Viber, or Waze.


  1. Email - Here you will need to enter the recipient's email which will automatically be sent to
  2. Subject - Write the subject of the email
  3. Message - Write the default body of the email 


  1. Number - Enter the phone number that users will directly call


  1. Number - Enter the phone number that the message will be sent out to


  1. Number - Enter the phone number to message directly via WhatsApp


  1. Username - Type in the username of the Skype account to be directly linked
  2. Action - Choose to either Call, Chat, Show Profile, Add to Contacts, or Send VoiceMail 


  1. Username - Set the username of the Facebook profile to message 


  1. Number - Enter the phone number
  2. Action - Choose to either Contact or Add 


  1. Location - Enter an address to be given directions to 
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