Having Trouble Registering the Theme?

Registering your theme is an easy and simple process, all you need to do is generate the token key and paste it on the designated field. If you need further assistance, please see our article on how to register your theme. Although rare since the entire process is simple, you might still encounter errors while completing this step. If you have trouble registering your theme please contact our team of support by creating a ticket and explaining the issue, as they will be of immediate help. 

Before you do that it is recommended you read this article and see if the fixes here will work for you, as we will explain the most common causes and how to fix those issues. The registration process occurs online, this means that you could have trouble with the connection, other third-party plugins, of the firewall services can block or alter the normal entry to your WordPress installation. This is not directly related to WordPress or the theme itself, so if you are encountering issues like the "There was a problem contacting the Envato API server for purchase code verification", please take the steps below. 

Connection Error 

The theme nor the API does not connect to the site itself, the theme calls WordPress to do the connection via the standard WordPress function wp_remote_post(), while the API class the PHP to make the connection via the standard PHP curl_exec() function. This is a tier type of connection, that goes step by step, the PHP will connect to your site by calling the system binary library installed on the server named cURL to do the connection. This library will connect to your site, and often times it will display the “Connection timed out after 5000 milliseconds” error. In this case, only the hosting provider can answer as to why the library generated the error and thus can resolve the issue

Disable the Authentication Server 

Authentication Servers will facilitate the username/password validation from the service provider to the user. If you have an active Authentication Server, it will obstruct access to your site without a specific username and password, and that means the communication with external serves will be blocked for the registration process. To disable the Authentication Server, please contact your hosting provider.

Disable Firewalls 

A firewall is a network security system that will monitor and control all the internal and external traffic all based on some prearranged security rules. This means that all the activity will be blocked if it does not meet the predetermined requirements. Make sure to disable your active firewalls on your server or any firewall extension on your browser. 

Disable third-party plugins 

If you are using any Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode plugins, that can be the cause of the error in the theme registration process, since these plugins can interfere with the normal access to your WordPress installation and will block communications with our registration verification server. If you are using these types of plugin, please make sure to disable them before you start the registration process. 

Disable browser extension 

Sometimes, the registration process will be at fault due to browser extensions that block the normal communication within servers, such a case could be the Adblock extension or similar that could interfere with the regular process of theme registration. If you are using any type of these extensions make sure to disable them while registering the theme, or you can try Incognito Mode, or eventually try out a different browser you have installed. 

Check for outdated cURL 

Check to see if your service provider is offering an updated version of cURL, since an outdated version of this module can cause errors in theme registration. Please contact your serves and ask them to update the cURL module to proceeded with the theme registration process. 

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