How to add API Key for Google Maps


Integrating Google Maps can work wonders for your business since they help build trust with your customers, as well as it helps them find your physical location much easier with clear and unambiguous instructions. In terms of search engine ranking, adding Google Maps on your website will have your business be listed for all customers near the area, thus providing a good approach towards new clients. Neuron Themes provides full integration with Google Maps and allows the full customization to match your design. 

To add Google Maps to your WordPress website you must go to the WordPress Dashboard > Neuron Panel > Settings > Google Maps. 

You must generate an API Key from Google Maps. The API key is an identifier for your Google Maps project, thus in order to generate it, you must have a project with a billing account.

How to Generate an API Key fro Google Maps 

As mentioned an API Key is an identifier that's associated with your Google Maps project and displays the usage and the billing purposes for your project. To generate an API Key for Google Maps you must 

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform, from there select an existing project or create a new one.
  2. Go to APIs & Services and choose Credentials 
  3. From Credentials, click on +Create Credentials > API Key 
  4. Your API Key will be created and you will need to copy & paste it on the designated field Neuron Panel > Settings > Google Maps. 
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