How to Reverse Columns on smaller device screens?

The Reverse columns feature is a great tool to create a fully responsive website that excels in beauty and functionality on all devices accordingly. To reverse columns on either Tablet on Mobile you can switch on the section handle under the Responsive tab. This will make sure your columns don't look overcrowded if they are displayed in a horizontal position when viewing on Mobile e.g. they will revert to a vertical position for a better display.  

  1. From the working screen, click on the section's handle that you wish the changes take place, this will open the options panel
  2. From the left panel go to the Advanced Tab 
  3. Under the Advanced Tab, click on the Responsive section you can choose to either Reverse the columns for Tablet and mobiles
  4. Select the device you feel the content will look better if they are displayed vertically, usually this is done on mobiles
  5. Check how your design looks from the Responsive Mode option located on the bottom toolbar 
  6. Click on Publish once you feel that this is the design you want to go with. 

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