Changing Padding and Margin values based on different screen sizes

To create beautiful responsive websites that look stunning on all devices is rather an easy task with Neuron Themes. You can switch between every device display and see how each element complements each of them and make sure that all your pages are responsive ready. One amazing trick that works with responsive design is to set and change the padding and margin values for different screen sizes. To do that 

  1. From the working screen click on the desktop icon located at the bottom toolbar and choose your device
  2. Click on the section or column's handle to open its settings 
  3. From the left Panel. go to the Advanced Tab 
  4. From there you can change the margin and padding value 
  5. Alternatively, no matter what device screen you choose, if you click on the desktop icon next to Padding or Margin, it will open the options to set the values only for that specific device.
  6. In all cases, the values you put for each device, it will only manifest on that screen size only, without having the changes be applied to other devices. 
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