What zip File should I Install when you purchase X Theme?

After you have successfully purchased your theme from Neuron Themes, you can find the downloadable files if you log in to your Theme Forest Account and click on the Downloads tab, there you will find all your purchases, find your Neuron Theme purchase, and click on it. When you click on the Download button again you will see, you have four files from which to choose from. What should you know about each file? 

  1. All files and documentation - Here you will find all the zip files that are included with your Neuron Theme purchase and if you are downloading the theme for the first time, then you would want to choose this option, although when uploading the theme you would have to extract the theme.zip file.
  2. Installable WordPress File Only - This folder contains the theme.zip file only, other files are not included.
  3. License Certificate & Purchase Code (PDF) - Within this folder, as the name suggests you will have your license and purchase code, which you will need to register the theme, which is crucial to verify your theme's credibility and have access to all the demos, bundled plugins, updates and more. 
  4. License Certificate & Purchase Code (text) - Within this folder again you will have the license certification and purchase code, only in text type of file, and when you need to register your theme you can easily copy the purchase code from this folder.
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