How to show posts from specific categories with Post Carousel?

The Carousel option will allow you to display your posts and your items in an exceptional showcase, both the Posts element and the Portfolio element will provide the same flexibility for displaying a sliding carousel to elevate your design and create unique exhibits of your content and your art. To show specific categories in a carousel display you must:

  1. Drag in either the Post element or the Portfolio Elements
  2. From the Content Tab > Layout switch the handle on for Carousel
  3. Configure the Carousel Settings 
  4. Go to the Query section from the Content Tab 
  5. From the Source options select either Posts, Pages, Products, Portfolio, Manual Selection, or Related 
  6. You can include or exclude items wither by Term or Author. Select Term to choose from the various categories or other taxonomies. 

How to show the Related Posts on your website 

Related Posts can increase page views as well as reduce bounce rate since it allows users to scroll and explore throughout your pages and you will be providing them with content they appeal to. Related Posts can be a strategic move to include whether on single pages or even on homepages, and Neuron Themes provides all the most flexibility with the built-in Related option that uses an advanced selection query to display content that is most related to the taxonomy you set to be. 

Create a Related Post section 

  1. From the working screen, drag the Posts Element onto the page 
  2. Arrange the setting in Layout to your desired style 
  3. Go to the Query section from the Content Tab and under Source select Related 
  4. You can include or exclude items wither by Term or Author
  5. Select the taxonomy you want your related posts to be displayed and choose your desired category 
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