How can I translate my WordPress theme using the translate file?

Creating a global reach is vital for your website and your business if you plan on achieving your goals and gain profit from it. Translating your website is the main component for offering excellent service to international visitors and customers who are willing to comply with your site or your products. On all our themes, you can find the translate files in the main folder of the theme or plugin located in the folder called languages. The file should look something like this kaon> languages > kaon.pot or neuron-builder > languages > neuron-builder.pot. The easiest way to translate your WordPress website is via a plugin. Polylang is a popular free plugin in the WordPress repository that offers amazing capability for translating your theme and your website. To get started 

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for the Polylang plugin and click Install 
  3. Activate the plugin and will redirect you to their wizard
  4. From the first screen select the language/s you want to add to your WordPress website 

  5. Click on Continue, the next screen will ask you to allow Polyland to translate media files. This translates the text attached to your media, like the title, alternative text, caption, or the description. Again click on Continue 

  6. Next, assign a language to be translated for the text without an assigned language

  7. Define the language that's going to be applied on your homepage and you will be ready to go

The plugin will duplicate all your posts and pages into the language you assign. 

Now when users go to your website they will have the option to choose which language they want the site to display.

How to Translate your WordPress Website with WPML 

One of the best translator plugin in the market WPML offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface and eases the process of content translation. After you have installed the plugin, you can find it on the left panel of the WordPress Admin Dashboard, you will need to activate the  Advanced Translation Editor. You can either activate it via the wizard installation of the plugin or go to WPML > Settings and select Advanced Translation Editor. Go to WPML > languages to select the desired language, select one or multiple languages, depending on your needs.

To start translating the content of your pages, go to WP Dashboard > Pages, select one, and open it on the WordPress editor. On the right side of the editor, you will find a section named Translate the document and there you will have the language/s you have selected. Click the plus symbol next to the language and this will open the Advanced Translation Editor. This tool presents a simple and intuitive interface divided into two columns, one dedicated to the original language of the page, and the other dedicated to the translated language. 

Click on the Translate automatically button at the top of the page and the plugin will do just that in a matter of seconds. Every Neuron Element is ready to be translated properly via WPML, the process will be the same. 

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