How to Add a Parallax Background.

The parallax effect is the coolest out of all options available. You can create an illusion of a beautifully three-dimensional virtual reality that awes everyone on a first glimpse. The parallax effect is a set of motions and changes to the design to your website at the movement of your cursor of scrolling down the page thus creating a 3D effect.

You can create a parallax animation easily following these simple steps. 

Add background with Parallax scrolling effect 

  1. Open the Elementor editor and create a new section
  2. Set the desired height for the section, you can either choose min-height and put its value or choose fit to screen
  3. Next, you will need to go to the Styles tab and from the background type choose Classic and upload your image
  4. Once you upload the image, from the options that become available under Attachment choose Fixed
  5. And under Size select Cover
  6. That should do it, that will give you the parallax effect on scrolling for a nice transition between content 

How to add parallax with motion effects ?

  1. Select an element that you wnt to add the parallax effect on thiscan be an image, text, video, background and more 
  2. Go to the Advanced tab 
  3. Under Motion Effects switch the handle on from Scrolling Effect 
  4. Choose from the animation available to ring movement to your website 
  5. Optional - You can switch the mouse effects and mouse track to have the element reack o mouse movements. 
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