How to Add Recent Posts to your Blog/Shop/Portfolio Website

Neuron's Posts Element will provide users with much flexibility and efficiency, and adding related posts to the page has been proven to be an effective method of getting more page views. You can display related posts within your blog, portfolio, or online shop. What the element does, is calculate the best match for the current content you are displaying to be presented onto the page. To display the related post on any page. 

  1. Search for the Posts element
  2. You can select the Layout to either be Grid, Masonry, Metro, or Carousel 
  3. From the Content Tab > Query click on the Source and choose Related 
  4. You can include or exclude items either by Term or Author
  5. Choose if you wish the related items be included by Term or Author 
  6. Select the taxonomy either by Category, Tags, Formation, Product Category, Product Tag and have your items be displayed related to the best match for the current content 
  7. You can set a Fallback option in case no relevant results are found. Either choose Manual Selection or Related Posts. The manual selection display order is random.

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