Common Installation Issues

The installation of Neuron Themes is very simple and straightforward. We wanted to make sure we offer a quick setup and easy installation procedure, to get you running in a minute, that is why we created the wizard. Although sometimes you might be experiencing troubles and issues that can be easily solved. We will show you some of the most common installation issues and present you with ways how you can overcome them. 

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet 

This is the most common and basic issue that might happen during the theme installation. If you get the “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” you don't need to worry this means that during the manual installation you have uploaded the wrong file. Make sure to upload the correct file, it should be the Look at this image for reference on how your extracted file should be. This is merely an example.

Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again - message from WordPress when installing the theme

If you get this message " Are you sure you want to do this"  while installing the theme then WordPress is alarming you that you have low PH limits set from your hosting provider and can not proceed further. You should always check for server requirements when installing the theme. To overcome this issue you must either contact your hosting provider to increase your PHP limit in order for you to upload larger zip files than they benchmarked or you could install the theme via FTP.

How to Fix a White Screen 

It might occur sometimes that after installing the theme you will be faced with a white screen, all your posts and pages are blank, there is no room for panic, this too has a solution and it might be simpler than you think. Just make sure to follow instructions step by step. The White Screen of Death, as it is often referred to, happens due to many reasons but the catch is WordPress doesn't display what is causing the crash. Before you start diagnosing the cause make sure to know 

  1. Have you installed an updated version of WordPress and did you check if the white screen occurred before or after installing the theme. 
  2. Did you install any plugins prior to installing the theme? 

To start decoding what error might have caused the white screen we will check plugins, theme misconfiguration, and memory limit. 


Plugins are the most common culprit behind the WSoD error, incompatible issues will occur between themes and plugins and that might be for various reasons. To check if a plugin is at fault for causing the white screen of death, the only way to know that for sure will be to test the plugins by deactivating all of them. There are two ways you can deactivate your plugins.

  1. If you have access to the backend of your page, to the admin dashboard then you just go to Plugins > Installed Plugins, tick the box at the top to check all the plugins, and choose Bulk Action to Deactivate them. After you have deactivated all the plugins, you can go ahead and active one by one, always checking your page for changes after each activation. If you notice that one of the plugins has caused a white screen, deactivate it and continue activating other plugins, again one by one to make sure there is no other faulty plugin. 
  2. But if it happens that you can not enter the backend nor the frontend of your website either then, you can disable your plugins via FTP. All you need to do is connect your site using your FTP credentials and once logged in, go ahead and locate the wp_content file, and inside you will see the plugins files. Rename that folder to something like plugins. test, this will cause WordPress not to be able to locate them and thus deactivating all your plugins. Check if the problem has been solved if positive then go back and change the file name to plugins again. 


The theme will be the cause of the white screen in case the installation process has for some reason been left incomplete. In such cases, to check if your theme is the problem is simple. Again there are two ways how you can make sure if your theme has caused or not the WSoD.

  1. Again if you have access to the backlog of your website, meaning the Dashboard area then you can go to Appearance > Themes and disable the theme you are on. You can do that by hovering on another theme like Twenty-Twenty for example and press Activate. This will automatically disable the current theme. If the website has been fixed, then you can go ahead and upload ahead and upload the theme again and this time would be best to install it via FTP, and don't forget to first delete the previous theme files. 
  2. If you can not access the DashBoard then once again you can go ahead and connect your website with your FTP credentials. Once done that locate the wp_content file, disable the plugins like explained before and you can either delete the theme or rename the file just like in the case with plugins. This will cause WordPress to activate the default theme and you will check if the theme was the problem after all. If the white screen does not occur then install the theme on a fresh start using FTP.  

Check your Memory Limit

Another potential threat to occurring the white screen can be a web server configuration with PHP limits which is the amount of memory allocated to the PHP that WordPress runs on, set too low. Check the System Status tab to make sure you are running on the same values as defined by our team. To fix this problem you need to ask your web hosting provider to assign more memory to your installation.

Debug your WordPress site

If none of these solutions above doesn't give you the error root to your white screen you could try and debug your WordPress website, although take precautions when trying such a task. Check this article for further detailed instructions.

Posts are Retuning 404 error Pages 

Often cases you might run into issues later than installation and there is always a solution for everything. If your posts are returning 404 error pages, this too is a common issue, your posts and content are still there. What might be the cause? 

Why am I seeing 4040 error pages? 

The most common issue of why such a problem might occur is due to errors in web hosting. When installing a new theme, your web hosting should reset all your permalinks. Usually, this error happens when the server is unable to locate your post URL and thus returning 404 error pages.


  1. We will start with the simplest solution login to your WordPress Dashboard > go to Settings > Permalinks and click the Save button. Cross your fingers that this does the trick. 
  2. This step requires more knowledge of coding and you should be able to know what you are doing to perform such a trick. If you do not, please seek help to someone who knows their way around codes because you will need to update your .htaccess file manually. Check this article for further instructions 
  3. To edit the .htaccess file easily you can try the help of a plugin. We recommend using Htaccess Editor

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