How Many Sites Can I Activate My License On?

All our Neuron Themes are sold in the Theme Forest market, the billing, licensing, and purchase are entirely handled by Envato - the company behind Theme Forest. They offer two types of licenses: a regular license and an extended license. According to the License Regulations, you can use a license one time and one time only, multiple uses of a license is a violation of these regulations and can be prone to legal violations. For freelancers, there is the distinction between the Regular License and the Extended License, where under the Regular License, your end product (incorporating the item you've licensed) is distributed for free, whereas under the Extended License your end product may be sold. For more information please visit this License FAQ page

So if you are building 3 websites with any of our Neuron Themes, then you will need 3 three separate licenses. 

Common license questions 

How Many Sites Can I Activate My License On?

You can use the License on one finished website only. If you need to use Neuron Themes on another website, it will require you to make a second purchase license. 

Can I use Neuron Themes on a test site, and move it to a live site when finished? 

Yes, you can. You can use your Neuron Theme purchase on a test site, and when finished you can transfer it to a live website. No extra license needed. 

Do I need to buy a new license every time I create a landing page? 

No. As long as the landing pages you create are on the same domain, you should be fine with a single license. 

Can I use one Regular License purchase on a test website and on a live website? 

According to the rules and regulations set out by Envato, this is not possible with one Regular License. If the license is installed on two sites permanently, it will require two licenses. 

Do I need a new license if I use the theme on a subdomain? 

This depends on the usage. If you are going to use the item on one domain with sub-domains that all belong to one single end product, then you can use one license. But if each subdomain has its own end product, you will need one license for each subdomain. 

If I purchase an Extended License will I get a multi-use, multi-domain, or developer license? 

No. An Extended License will still only be used on one end product, but you can re-sell the product. 

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