How to update Kaon Theme Manually

Update the Theme via Dashboard

Updating your theme via Dashboard is a rather manual process so make sure to follow along with the steps carefully. The first thing you are going to need is to download the files from your Theme Forest account just like you would when installing the theme Before you proceed with this update it is important that you do a full backup of your website to make sure you can have your site back if anything unexpected happens, check the server requirements to see if the values meet at least the minimum parameters for the update to take place.

Download Theme Files from Theme Forest 

  1. Go to Theme Forest and login to your account and navigate to Downloads
  2. Once you locate the Download button, click on it and find the Neuron Theme that you purchased
  3. After you click on the theme you will be directed to download the files, from your purchase, and here if it's your first time installing the theme, then click on Download all Files, if you have downloaded it at least once then go with the second option Installable WordPress Only.
  4. If you have downloaded all the files, extract the .zip file into a folder. Name the folder something you can remember because you are going to need it during the installation. If you went with the second option, Installable WordPress Only, this step won't be necessary

Update the Theme 

Note: Before you update your theme manually it is good practice to delete all the theme files from the previous version to make sure that only the updated version of your theme will be running your website and not cause any issues with your site. When updating the theme via Dashboard these files will be deleted by default and will be replaced after the update. Also, keep in mind that when performing such tas as deleting your previous files all your content like images, pages, options, posts will be intact only customization settings will be lost, that is why it is preferably recommended to make any changes in your child theme

  1. The first step to updating your theme manually via Dashboard you will need to deactivate your theme, just go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes that's where your theme lies on. To deactivate you just switch to another theme, you could use the WordPress default themes like Twenty-Twenty. 
  2. After you have deactivated your theme, delete it fro a fresh start. To do that hover over the theme and click on the Theme Details options and once the window opens click on the Delete button In the bottom right corner. Remember deleting the theme will only remove customization settings not content like pages, posts, images, or other options. 
  3. Upload the theme with the files you just downloaded from Theme Forest to Themes > Add New > Upload 
  4. Click on Choose File to upload the theme file from your computer 
  5. After you have chosen the file click on Install to continue with the fresh installation and wait for it to be installed completely. 
  6. Don't forget to Activate the theme by clicking on the Activate button 
  7. And lastly do not skip to update the required plugins. 

Update the Theme via FTP 

When updating the theme via FTP is another manual method that requires you to do all the work, keep following the tutorial step-by-step to conclude in a successfully updated version of your theme. Wen mentioned that for a manual update it is good practice to delete your previous theme files ( that is why it is good to always backup your website) and by doing so you will not change or delete your website content, the only part that is going to be removed is the customization settings like PHP files. Moral of the story, to always use the child theme while you are making changes to your website.
  1. First on the list would be to login to your FTP server and navigate to wp-content > themes folder where installed themes reside, and find the Neuron Themes theme file.
  2. Once you have located the theme file if you haven't already saved it someplace else safe then do it, and then delete it from the server.
  3. Retrieve the theme files you have downloaded from Theme Forest. Both the Dashboard method and the FTP method require to download the theme first, just above to see the tutorial. If you have downloaded the Installable WordPress file you will only need to extract it once, but if you have downloaded all the files you will need to first extract the .zip file first and the extract again only the theme file like - NeruonTheme file
  4. Upload the extracted file to the wp-content > themes folder you just opened and that will be it. Your theme will be updated successfully.
  5. Make sure you update the required plugins 

Update the required plugins

Required plugins come with their updated version as well so it is important to complete such a process as well 

  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance
  2. Then from the left panel choose Install Plugins this is where your bundled plugins reside 
  3. If an updated version has been released to the plugin then you can see the Update button below the plugin.
  4. Click on Update and the update process will begin, wait until it is completed
  5. Click on the Back button and see the plugin is updated. 
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