Do you provide a free trial?

Our themes do not have the option of a free trial, however, you can still experience what is like to build your site using one of our many enchanting demo sites via the Try for Free option on our website. Pick the demo site you fancy and click on the Try for Free button. From there you can virtually examine and try our themes and see if this is the right fit for you and your website, before purchasing. 

We provide a free trial of all our themes for a period of 7 days. You will be able to access the theme panel as well as the admin panel. Pick and choose the theme you fancy and start your trial. We will create a copy of the selected theme, send it to your email address alongside the credentials, and from there you will get familiar with the features that Neuron Themes provides. We feel confident that our themes excel un utility and functionality before you make a purchase you will be able to experience the real power of Neuron Themes, the advanced features it provides, the user-friendly interface, as well the unmatched performance. 

How does the trial work? 

  • You can pick and choose any Neuron Theme and decide on a free trial. 
  • Visitors can view your trial website 
  • You can design and customize, as well as use all the features Neuron Theme powers
  • Your trial will end in 7 days. After that period has passed, you will not have access to the trail website 
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