How Do I Get Premium Support?

All our Neuron users get premium support, with each purchase. Our support system offers excellent performance and the best service. They are here to help you through every set of the way so you can build the perfect website with ease. In order for our support team to answer all your problems regarding any of our Neuron Themes, you will need to create a ticket from our official ticksy page We will fix all the issues that arrive on our official ticksy page and we will make sure you get a solution as soon as possible. 

All our official channels will be serving the sole purpose of informing you of our latest products. Our documentation contains comprehensive guides on all our elements and the features that Neuron Theme comprises of. You can find the most common issues as well as explanatory articles on all our elements. Start operating the search bar to look for an issue you might be encountering. The advanced search will provide all the articles that contain the keyword you searched for. In case you want more visualized tutorials, you can always turn to our Youtube Channel

How to create a ticket with Neuron Themes? 

Creating a ticket with Neuron Themes is an easy and straightforward process. Go to our Below the search bar, you can find the View Articles button, here you can see all the open tickets that users have previously have sent together with their solutions. Choose which Neuron product you are using and view all the public tickets, see if any issue matches your own, and check out the answer sent out by our support team. 

  1. If in case you can not find a related article then go back to the ticksy page and click on Submit a ticket. 
  2. Then select the Neuron product you are using. Make sure to be as precise as possible while presenting your issue. 
  3. The more detailed and well put together the ticket is the better and faster our support team can give you a fix. During communications, we might need to require your site's credentials/login details so that our team of experts can carefully examine the root of the issue and provide the utmost solution for you and your website. 

Keep in mind that the tickets are tier-based, meaning they can be prolonged into a series of tickets until the issue is resolved. 

Here are some tips to help you (and us) resolve the issues faster and more effectively. 

  • While submitting the ticket you will have the URL option where you can put in the link/s of the page/s that are currently experiencing the issue 
  • Send screenshots. Click on the Add attachment option under the Ticket Description box. This will help our team of support visualize the problem and get a better idea of why you are experiencing certain issues. 
  • More is better. For better visualization, you can always send screen recordings of the pages that are at fault. You can try out built-in screen-recording tools or check for free tools, one suggestion would be Loom. 
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