What is the difference between Neuron Theme and Elementor Pro?

Elementor who gathers more than 3 million active users, is a drag and drop page builder plugin that is flexible and uncomplicated. Simply put, with this tool you can easily create wonders since by dragging and dropping particular elements of your choice you can craft your own masterpiece that is your website with precision in no time. Neuron Theme uses Elementor as its page builder on every theme, to provide its users with the best tools to design and build their websites with ease and flexibility. 

All our Neuron Themes come bundled with the free version of Elementor that offers a bountiful of advanced options to built your pages, while the Pro version will empower those features and add some extra professional tools for ultimate flexibility. But, our developers went a step further and added Neuron Builder, a plugin that features within the page builder, offering you a wide variety of advanced and professional tools that will step up your design game to a whole different level. This way you will get the utmost extensibility and functionality, without having to obtain a pro license with Elementor. 

  1. Header and Footer Builder - You can build your own custom headers and footers with ease and elegance, we might add. Everything is done drag&drop, and it's time-saving when it comes to your new custom header and footer elements automatic publication. Create interactive headers and footers that will stun your visitors at first glance, add elements to make your header engaging like the animated heading, which is an attention-seeker element, or add the nav menu element to help users navigate through your website easily. The ability to build all parts of your website in one place will reduce the troubles of running back and forth trying to put your site together. 
  2. Forms - Forms are a crucial part of every website since they help maintain a relationship with your users. It is super easy to build and customize your own contact form with all the latest customization tools and use them to your advantage. You can define the spacing layout structure and all its core elements. With all the designated fields embedded in the settings, you can accumulate a large number of information and data from our users. Just as every widget, this one too gives you power over the style options where you can be your own designer and craft a pixel-perfect contact form. The Form’s utilities go far beyond just collecting comments and information from your users. Have your forms be linked to the leading email service providers to receive and send automated, organized emails. What's more, the forms will integrate seamlessly with your website. 
  3. Popups - Popups are a call-to-action modal that takes over the page at specific moments to grab the user’s attention. Neuron Theme makes the creation of popups a delight, offering a range of practical and advanced tools to turn conversion rates and increase sales. All the tools disposable help you to seamlessly connect your popup to your website. Timing is everything. Included you will have targeting tools that are included here to help you choose the right time and scenario of popup display. You control the design and the appearance of your popups as well as their entry, timing, targeted group, all made possible with the Advanced Rules and Triggers options. 
  4. Professional Templates - Neuron Themes takes pride in all its designs, as they are created with perfection down to every detail and meticulously produced for all its users to have the best quality. If you wish to run your workflow as smoothly and fast as possible, then you can opt for many of the professionally pre-made designs that can be integrated with just a click. Choose any design from Neuron Library, evaluate the one you click and click on Insert. Simple as that. You can customize each template, add new elements to it, and make it your own. Add your own style and signature, only to be left with the website of your dreams. 
Features Neuron Builder Elementor Pro
Header Builder             ✓            ✓
Template Library             ✓            ✓
Forms             ✓            ✓
Slides             ✓            ✓
Mobile Editing             ✓            ✓
Posts             ✓            ✓
Portfolio             ✓            ✓
Single Product             ✓            ✓
Product Archive             ✓            ✓
Price Tables             ✓            ✓
Popup Builder
Custom CSS             ✓            ✓
Price List
            ✓            ✓
Shape Dividers
            ✓            ✓ 
Advanced Color Picker             ✓            ✓
Theme Style             ✓            ✓
Animated Heading             ✓            ✓
Flip Box             ✓            ✓
Dynamic Content               ✓            ✓
Background Slideshow
            ✓            ✓
Interactive Post             ✓            ✕
Mega Menu              ✓            ✕
Advanced Google Maps
            ✓            ✕
Posts & Portfolio Carousel              ✓            ✕
One-Click Demo Importer              ✓            ✕
Products Carousel              ✓            ✕
Metro Layout             ✓            ✕
Advanced Animations             ✓            ✕
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