Search Form Element

The Search From Element allows you to add a search bar to your page and help users find the information they are looking for. You can customize it and choose the typography color and size of the search box and add it to our page in order to give your visitors the chance to explore your page.

Content Tab 


  1. Placeholder - Type in the text that appears inside the search form 
  1. Type - Chose the type of the search form button, it can either be Icon or Text 
  2. Icon/Text - If you choose Icon you can select either the search or the arrow. If you select Text you can type in your custom search text 
  3. Size - Set the size of the search form button 

Style Tab 


  1. Typography - Tweak the typography options for the search bar input text 
  2. Text Color - Set the color of the text for the search bar input text
  3. Background Color - Set the background color for the search bar 
  4. Border Color - Set the border color for the search bar 
  5. Box Shadow - Choose to add shadow to the search bar and tweak the options available for the blur, or horizontal and vertical position of the shadow. 
  6. Border Size - Control the size of the border for the search bar 
  7. Border Radius - Choose to have our search bar rounder by controlling the border-radius 


  1. Typography - Tweak the typography options for the search button 
  2. Text Color - Set a text color for the search button 
  3. Background Color - Choose a background color for the search button 
  4. Width - Control the width of the search button 

Set the settings for the Advanced Tab that is appropriate for the element. 

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