Page Title Element

The Page Title element is a dynamic element that will generate the title of the page that is set in the WordPress page editor. 

Content Tab 


  1. Site Title - Here the title will be generated dynamically as it is set in the WordPress page editor  
  2. Link - Here you can add the URL to link with your page title or add a dynamic link to it.
  3. Size - Set the size of the title either Small, Medium, Large, XL, or XXL 
  4. HTML tag - Set the HTML for the title 
  5. Alignment - Set the alignment for the title either Left, Center, Right, or Justify

Style Tab 


  1. Text Color - Set the text color for title 
  2. Typography - Tweak the typography options for the title 
  3. Text Shadow - Add shadow to the title and tweak the options for the blur, horizontal or vertical position 
  4. Blend Mode - Add layer effect for the title and select one from the dropdown menu

Set the settings for the Advanced Tab that is appropriate for the element. 

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