Featured Image Element

The Featured Image Element will assist you in displaying the featured image for the post. The Featured Image is a Theme Element and is available under the Single Post Template that generates content dynamically. 

Content Tab 


  1. Choose Image - Here the element will dynamically produce the featured image set for the post. If you click on the [wrenc icon] you can set a fallback option for when data is missing
  2. Image Size - Set the image size for the featured image from Thumbnail to Full, or you can put custom values to it
  3. Alignment - Position the featured image either Left, Center, or Right 
  4. Caption - Set a caption for the featured image, you can add the attached caption or make a custom one 
  5. Link - Have your featured image linked by writing the URL of the page 

Style Tab 


  1. Width - Set the width for the featured image 
  2. Max Width - Set the maximum width for the featured image 
  3. Height - Control the height of the featured image 
  4. Opacity - Change the image's opacity 
  5. CSS Filters - COnfigure the featured image's style by tweaking the CSS filters 
  6. Border Type - Set a border for the featured image 
  7. Border Radius - Set the border-radius for the image to make the edges round 
  8. Box Shadow - Choose to add shadow to the featured image 


  1. Alignment - Set the alignment for the featured image's caption 
  2. Text Color - Set the text color for the caption 
  3. Background Color - Set the background color for the caption 
  4. Typography - Tweak the typography options for the caption 
  5. Text Shadow - Choose to add shadow to the caption 
  6. Spacing - Set the spacing between the image and the caption 

Set the settings for the Advanced Tab that is appropriate for the element. 

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