Advanced Google Maps Element

The Maps element is essential for letting your visitors know your exact location. With all the advanced tools, this feature allows you to add Google maps on your site letting your customers/users know your location. What’s amazing about this feature is that you can add your own pins to it, you can stylize easily the map choose the color, saturation, and many more CSS filters.

Content Tab 


  1. API Key - Set it a Default or Custom. If you set Default, you must have set the API Key in the backend, WP Dashboard > Neuron > Settings, and scroll down to see the API Key field. 
  2. Custom API Key - This field only shows if you set Custom on the API Key field above. Here you can type in directly your API Key to show your Google Maps location
  3. Map Latitude - Set the exact coordinations of your business location in latitude 
  4. Map Longitude -  Set the exact coordinations of your business location in longitude 


  1. Zoom - Select the value you want to zoom in your map
  2. Style - Select the style map from Default, Classic, or Custom. If you choose custom you can integrate your own custom code to display the interface you designed.
  3. Height - Control the height of your map
Maps Control 
  1. Scroll Zoom - Enable zooming in the map while scrolling 
  2. Type - Switch the handle on to switch from Satelite and Maps 
  3. Zoom - Switch the handle on to show zoom controls on your map 
  4. Full Screen - Switch the handle on to leave the option for the view the map on Full Screen 
  5. Street View - Switch the handle on to show Street View 
  6. Draggable - Switch the handle on or off to give access to your visitors to drag along the map or not. 

Choose to add one or more markers on your map, 

Item #
  1. Map Latitude - Set the exact coordinations of your business location in latitude 
  2. Map Longitude -  Set the exact coordinations of your business location in longitude
  3. Image - Set the image for the marker 
  4. Width - Control the width of the markers 
  5. Height -  Control the height of the markers 
  6. Retina Ready - Make your maps retina ready 
  7. Title - Add the title of the marker 
  8. Content - Add the content of the marker 

Set the settings for the Advanced Tab that is appropriate for the element. 

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