Icon List Element

The Icon List element will provide to set easy to follow list of items, each of which has its own icon. 

Content Tab 

Icon List

  1. Layout - Set the layout to either Default or Inline, this will allow the icon list to appear either vertically or horizontally 
  2. Items - Add the list items here, click on the list item to open its settings where you can set the title, choose an icon, and enter a URL link.  
  3. Apply Link On - Choose to apply link on Full Widht or Inline. If you choose the Full-Width option the item will be clickable even if the user clicks further the item's text. 

Style Tab


  1. Space Between - Set the space between the list items
  2.  Alignment - Set the alignment for the list items either Left, Center, or Right
  3. Divider - Switch the handle on to show a divider between the list items. 

If you set the Divider on you will have the following options 

  1. Style - Choose the style for the divider to wither be Solid, Double, Dotted, or Dashed
  2. Weight - Set thickness of the divider in value 
  3. Width - Set the width for the divider 
  4. Color - Set the color for the divider 


  1. Color - Set the color for the icon
  2. Hover - Select a color for the icon when the users hover over it
  3. Size - Set the size of the icon
  4. Alignment - Set the alignment of the icon to either be Left, Center. or Right


  1. Text Color - Set the color for the item's text 
  2. Hover - Choose a color for the text when the users hover over it 
  3. Text Indent - Set the space between the icon and the text 
  4. Typography - Tweak the typography options for the text 

Set the settings for the Advanced Tab that is appropriate for the element. 

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