As Neuron Themes we aim to provide the best support system for all our clients and that is the reason we have decentralized our support into many platforms in which you can easily contact us and help us provide you the best service we possibly can. Our mission is to simplify to our users the process of creating a website and be with them along their journey. That being said we offer 

  • Articles - Our blog contains a diverse set of articles and posts, among them being tutorials and how to's that provide guides on how you can use certain features described with images and videos. 
  • Youtube Channel - One of the best sources for how-to videos and elements tutorials, check out our Youtube page videos for in-depth informational content. If you are more of a visual learner then you could improve your skills a lot with the tutorials that are offered. 
  • Knowledge Base -  Our extensive documentation is the foundation rock of our support system and we work continuously to fill it with articles that interest and helps our users. That is why when you are uncertain of particular features, elements of error you can always head to our documentation center and fund the issue you are working on. 
  • Facebook Community - We are committed to creating a trustworthy, beneficial, and friendly community on Facebook, to help each other with common issues and concerns among Neuron users. You can find helpful tips and advice from our staff or from others who use our themes. Join our Facebook Community and be a part of the Neuron family. 
  • Public Tickets - You can find solutions to other people's issues. In this page, you will find public tickets that our users have turned to our support system, you can go through them and see if anyone else experienced a similar issue and the solution that our support team provided them with.
  • Ticket System - Just like in the judiciary system if all the resources fall short then you should consider going to the highest unit, which in our case would be creating and submitting a ticket to our support center, in which you will get the best responses and treatments. All our products come with a 6 month support period and lifetime updates if you feel like you could use some more help from our team you can extend your support coverage for an additional 6 to 12 month period. Whether you extend your support or not you can always have access to our other means of support system mentioned above. The Ticket Support System provides 
    • Neuron Themes related questions and issues 
    • Neuron Core plugin issues 
    • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
    • Help with 3rd party plugins, only those that come bundled with the theme

    Note: All other questions relating issues with 3rd party plugins that do NOT come bundled with the theme, customization services, and installation services are NOT to be covered with the ticketing support system. Make sure to use your tickets only for what they include. 

How to create a ticket 

Creating a ticket with neuron Themes is easy, here is how you do it.

1. Navigate to our page or you can Log in to your Theme Forest account, navigate to Downloads, find the theme you purchased, click on the Support tab Scroll down and click on the Go to Item Support button. 

2. Once you are on the page click on the Submit a Ticket button 

2. Choose which product or category do you need help and after choosing you will see a drop-down window that opens other options. 

3. The next step would be to verify your ticket either with Envato by logging into your Envato account or you could manually fill in the required fields. 

4. Enter your purchase code, you can find it if you navigate to your Theme Forest account Download option, quickly clicks on it and it will direct you to where your products are restored. Look for the Neuron theme, click the Download button once more and under that, you will see the Licence Certificate & Purchase code.  5. Fill in all the other fields that are required, like Registration - create an account to follow up with the ticket, the subject you want to submit your ticket to, URL of your website, and preferably add images and screenshots of the issues you are experiencing for better conceptualization and click on the Submit button. 

Note: You can choose to make your ticket public where others can see your issues and our team's response to help others who are having the same difficulties. Worth mentioning that the public cannot view any information entered into the "private" fields above.

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