Icon Box Element

The Icon Box Element will provide to be useful when you want to display services, or any usage of lists in a fashionable manner. The element will provide an icon, title and description, as well as a bountiful of options that you can configure to style and design the icon box and make match it to your site's design. 

Content Tab 

Icon Box

  1. Icon - Choose an icon from the Icon Library and place it on your design
  2. View - Choose a view style for icon, you can select either from Default, Stacked, or Framed. If you choose either Stacked or Framed view, you can select the shape for the icon to either be Circle or Square
  3. Title & Description - Set the title and the description for the icon box 
  4. Link - Enter the URL to link the icon box
  5. Icon Positioning - Position the icon either on the Left, Center, or Right
  6. Title HTML tag - Set the HTML tag for the title 

Style Tab


You can choose either Normal or Hover State 

  1. Primary Color - Set the primary color for the icon 
  2. Secondary Color - This option will become available is the view Stacked of Framed is choose. Set the secondary color for the icon
  3. Spacing - Set the spacing between the icon and the title
  4. Size - Select a size for the icon
  5. Padding - Set the padding value for the inner space of the icon
  6. Rotate - Rotate the icon to set to a preferred position
  7. Border Radius - Set the border-radius for the icon 


  1. Alignment - Align the content either to the Left, Center, Right, or Justified
  2. Vertical Alignment - If you align icon positioning to either be left or right, you can set its vertical alignment either at the Top, Middle, or Bottom
  1. Spacing - Set the spacing between the title and the content
  2. Color - Select a color for the title of the icon box 
  3. Typography - Tweak the typography options for the title 
  1. Color - Select a color for the description of the icon box 
  2. Typography - Tweak the typography options for the description

Set the settings for the Advanced Tab that is appropriate for the element. 

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